TWSBI GO Fountain Pen


TWSBI’s newest pen, the TWSBI Go, is perhaps the greatest affordable fountain pen I’ve ever used. For the $18 price tag and the excellent nib quality, you get an amazing fountain pen for the money. Get yourself one. Now. But I’m getting ahead of myself.20180825_112010362332961.jpg

The first thing you will notice about this pen is the spring filling system. TWSBI even made sure you take notice of, since the whole body of the pen is translucent. All you have to do in order to fill your pen is to press down the spring and release. This has to be the easiest to fill pen in my collection. In addition to a great filling mechanism, the GO has a rather large ink capacity of 1.61 ml. That’s quite a bit of ink.


One of the other interesting design elements implemented into the TWSBI GO is a small loop for a lanyard rather than a clip. This makes the pen easier to slip in and out of a pen roll. If you are looking for a reliable fountain pen you can attach to a lanyard, the TWSBI GO is an excellent choice.


The nib on the TWSBI GO is the same nib on the TWSBI Eco as well as the TWSBI Classic. Therefore, you are getting an excellent TWSBI nib for a amazing price. The nib writes smoothly, though there is a bit of feedback. It puts out a consistent line and is on the wetter side.

All in all this is a win for TWSBI. The GO is fun to use, and great for everyday use. The amount of genius put into this pen really shows, from the filling mechanism to the shape of the body. I highly recommend you get this pen soon, because (Bad pun incoming) it is sure to “Go” quickly.

(The Office of Ben deeply apologizes for this pun. In all seriousness, you should really pick up this pen. For further opinions on it, I recommend you listen to episode 322 of the Pen Addict Podcast. You can listen right here.)


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