Field Notes “Pitch Black” Review


If you’ve spent any amount of time in the stationery community, or the everyday carry community for that matter, you will eventually hear about Field Notes notebooks. Why, you may ask? Because they’re some of the best pocket notebooks on the market. And, they’re some of my favorite notebooks to carry with me to school.

After using these notebooks over a period of six weeks, I must say I am very impressed. The quality of their notebooks are top-notch, better than any other pocket notebook I’ve carried. I prefer the “Pitch Black” style, as there is an extra layer of card stock on the cover, (You could call it a “two-ply” cover) making it more durable in the pocket. The rounded edges make slipping the notebook in and out of your pocket easy.

The style of the notebook is very appealing. It has a very modern, minimalist look that I find suits this style of notebook. Because this is the “Pitch Black” version of the notebook, it has a Pitch Black logo on the back, which adds a nice touch that makes these notebooks different from the rest.

Overall, Field Notes notebooks are some of the best memo books for everyday carry. If you take lots of notes during the day, or you just need a way of storing ideas that come to you while you’re out and about, the Field Notes “Pitch Black” memo book, or any notebook in the Field Notes line, is the perfect notebook for you.